You Know What’s Also Interesting About Tumblr

…is that you can’t see how many people folks follow, or how many people follow them. That is an interesting shift in social mores ….. compared say to Twitter. I wonder if Tumblr has thought about a widget that would allow people to declare that information publicly. For the early bloggers, that was the Feedburner widget.  What do you think, @dick? (Of course, I’ve typed more than 140 characters, so Dick will never see this…)

(Then I thought, well, I’ll link to @dick with this URL:!/dickc, but then I realized, Dick will never know I linked to him, which was totally the *opposite* of how linking used to work, when most active bloggers knew who was linking back to them as a matter of course - it was part of our shared platform that we’d be notified of incoming links. Not so on Twitter or Tumblr, but we have “RTs” and “Notes” instead. I think we should have all of it, after all, why not?)

The world keeps shifting its conversational mores, don’t it.